Dan Johnson is from Raleigh, NC, the same area where he grew up and where he lives today. He started his art career at age 5, sort of a ripe old age but he figured he couldn't keep goofin' off forever. Throughout grade school, Johnson continued to develop his drawing ability. He would spend many hours at home drawing and designing  and was known at school for his art ability.

Post-high school education included 18 months of commercial art study at a community college. After school Johnson set sights on his work. His ability and skills refined through the discipline of hard work have served well in an accomplished career.

After working in various areas of commercial art in the early 80's, Johnson narrowed his focus to illustration in 1984. As a freelance illustrator since 1987, his work has been used in various types of publishing, distributed nationwide, and reprinted in Europe. Commercial work has included providing digital imaging and retouch work for ad agencies and other business clients, some with meticulous standards. During this time Johnson has provided an exceptional service to clients and solved imaging/ composition problems ROUTINELY!  He has worked proficiently with a number of drawing and painting mediums including oil, airbrush, and digital. Oil is his medium of choice for fine art.

Johnson favors realism and shows an outstanding sense of design and composition in his work. He says "One objective I have in painting is to reflect what seems to occur at random in creation, but is actually infinitely orchestrated in design".

Dan and wife Cathy reside in North Carolina where Dan works in his home studio.